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As a professional cabinet manufacturer, CSHome has always focused on integrating quality and design. For many years, we have been focusing on customizing multi size cabinets, just to create the most suitable home for you. Now, our cabinet factory is expanding and we are seeking more cabinet dealer to cooperate with us.

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19+ Years of experience

1000+ The completed project

150+ Exporting country

100000+ Trading client

Experienced cabinet manufacturer

With 19 years of rich experience in cabinet manufacturing, we have accumulated deep industry knowledge and professional skills, and are able to provide customers with a full range of cabinet design and manufacturing services.

Our cabinet factory

Advanced production equipment and modern cabinet factories can meet the production needs of large quantities of cabinets. A complete production and marketing system ensures on-time delivery of high-quality and high-standard products.

Extensive project experience​

More than 1,000 successfully completed cabinet projects, experience covering residential, commercial and other fields. We have a professional team that is familiar with the design styles and usage habits of different countries and regions, and can provide customers with customized solutions.

Collaborate with cabinet manufacturers!

If you want to develop in the cabinet industry but are limited to not having your own cabinet factory, have you ever considered becoming a cabinet distributor?
Are you looking for a trustworthy cabinet supplier? CSHome is your best choice!
We have multiple production standards and certification certificates that comply with multiple countries, allowing you to sell cabinets smoothly in different countries!
The factory located in Indonesia can effectively produce costs while ensuring production processes, avoiding restrictions from US tariffs.
Over 10 years of production experience, using international brand hardware, quality and price coexist!

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